Distribution Problems

Paul Gilna pgil at HISTONE.LANL.GOV
Wed Oct 30 15:05:01 EST 1991

We have encountered some technical problems with respect to our ability
to distribute flatfile entries from the GenBank RDBMS at LANL. These
problems have been inadvertantly introduced as a result of our
installation of software to generate the new /translation feature.

Distribution to the servers and the net has been interrupted for the
last day or two; we expect to have solved the problem by this evening.

Our apologies to those of you expecting to see data released within our
update three day window as promised in our replies; though we have
completed all the necessary processing well within the three days, our
distribution problems have caused actual public release of the data to
fall outside that window. We appreciate the concern and patience from
those of you with whom we have been in contact regarding this problem.

Paul Gilna,
GenBank, Los Alamos

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