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Roy Smith roy at
Fri Oct 18 16:40:55 EST 1991

Anybody who is not asleep knows by now that Tom Schneider said:
> GenBank is

	All of these things are probably true, yet, it is also a huge
undertaking, in much better shape than it was when BBN was doing the job,
and provided free of charge to anybody who wants it, either as the raw
database to use in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or through a
network search and retrieval server.  I am hardly a charter member of the
"Genbank Maintainers Fan Club"; I've had my share of disagreements with
them in the past.  Yet after all the yelling is over, it generally turns
out that they aren't such a bad bunch of guys afterall, and are generally
quite willing to listen to constructive critisism, as long as they are not
beaten over the head with it.  I'm sure it must be disheartening to not
have much direct contact with most of their client population other than
getting raked over the coals in public once or twice a year.

	My suggestion to anybody who really and truely thinks they can do a
better job of running GenBank than the people who are doing it now is to
bid on the contract the next time it is up for renewal.  In the meantime,
it would be a shame to see bionet degenerate into the same petty squabbling
that seems to pervade most of the rest of Usenet.
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