wanteed: reference to human splice site consensus

Tom Schneider toms at fcs260c2.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Oct 31 16:44:57 EST 1991

In article <OWHITE.91Oct29100717 at zeste.nmsu.edu>
owen white (owhite at nmsu.edu) writes:

>	could someone direct me to a current literature 
>	reference that has the consensus for human intron 
>	splice sites?

author = "F. E. Penotti",
title = "Human Pre-{mRNA} Splicing Signals",
journal = "J. Theor. Biol.",
volume = "150",
pages = "385-420",
year = "1991"}

But Owen, based on our conversation, I know that you know better than to ask
the question that way!!  :-)  (or maybe your posting was sent before we

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