Research on genetic markers.

Mon Sep 9 09:24:46 EST 1991

I am interested in finding out about the various research that
is currently going on for genetic markers of various diseases.
I am hoping that someone might have a list of the diseases
that are currently being investigated.  If not, information
where I might be able to find this out would be of great help.
I am specifically interested in the more complex diseases like
Cancer, Alzheimer's, or Schizophrenia.  I know that these are
the ones that are typically discussed by the media when it
comes to this area.  Is  there much research  underway for
the genetic markers for these diseases?  Is it likely that
the markers will be found in the next five years?  Any
help is greatly appreciated.  Please reply via email.
Josh Braveman
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
jb3yrhmc at miamiu.bitnet
jb3yrhmc at
jmbraveman at

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