persistant viruses

MindCriminal stevelee at
Wed Sep 25 15:38:39 EST 1991

	(last time i tried this-this worked well.  let's see if we can 
	 get lucky twice, this time for a classmate...)

	i am looking for references in relation to 'persistant viruses.'
	in english.  the references my classmate keeps finding are in
	russian-which she doesn't speak or read.  

	the viruses which she is interested in do not include HIV, but i 
	believe that there are other retroviruses that she may be 
	'looking in to.'

	thanks for any help that anyone can give.  

	i don't normally read these groups, so please email any correspondence.
	thank anyone for any help.

	and...  i wish to thank everyone that sent me the viral gene therapy
	references.  i'm drowning in the stuff right now.  two weeks till i 
	give my seminar.  wish me luck...
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