SWAIS (Simple WAIS interface) at quake.think.com

Ethan.Hack at newcastle.ac.uk Ethan.Hack at newcastle.ac.uk
Mon Sep 30 15:54:32 EST 1991

Those who would like to use WAIS and have convenient access to terminals but
not to Macs or X-Windows may find the following exchange of interest:
[My original question to jcurran @ nnsc.nsf.net:]
>>  I am interested in your SWAIS interface to WAIS [refers to the
>>  interface accessible via telnet to hub.nnsc.nsf.net--see Rob Harper's
>>  posting of July 29, 1991], and I would like to
>>  know whether you intend to make it available for use at other sites,
>>  or alternatively, if you intend to add other servers to the current
>>  list.  The reason for my interest is that, as I understand it, it
>>  provides the only way that a user with a text terminal can use WAIS
>>  interactively.  Is this correct?
> Fairly accurate.  There is not another "user-friendly" interface for the
> WAIS which support text terminals.
> I have sent the code to Thinking Machine for integration, and it will be
> available in the next release of the WAIS package.
> Thinking Machines has put a telnet-service to SWAIS available on system
> quake.think.com, username wais.  This has every known source in its config.
> I'm sure that they would add any that you suggest.
> /John
I'm not sure about "every known source"--they don't list any at
nic.funet.fi--but there are 80 accessible via telnet to
quake.think.com at the moment, far more than via hub.nnsc.nsf.net.  Of
particularly likely interest to readers of this newsgroup are INFO,
providing descriptions of the available sources,
biology-journal-contents and biosci [newsgroups], as well as
Molecular-biology (actually the annotations for GenBank release 64.0,
prokaryotic part) and NIH-Guide.
Access by telnet is very slow (at least from Europe), but the actual
searching is very fast.  The interface is straightforward, but seems
incomplete as yet.  One note that may be useful: the interface only
works correctly, as far as I can tell, with a VT100-type terminal.
When you log in, you have to give your terminal type as "vt100" (NOT
Thanks to Rob "Bionaut" Harper for introducing bionet readers to
Ethan Hack, Department of Biological and Nutritional Sciences,
The University, Newcastle upon Tyne  NE1 7RU, England
Ethan.Hack @ newcastle.ac.uk

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