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Re-posted to this list for your information.  The Internet Resource Guide
(of which this is but one page) can be retrieved by anonymous FTP from
NNSC.NSF.NET (it also has a Macintosh-Hypercard Internet Tour that might
be of interest...nice light and sound show!).  --SG

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                  IuBio Archive for Molecular and General Biology

            Biocomputing Office
            Biology Department
            Indiana University
            Bloomington, IN 47405

            _E_m_a_i_l: Archive at FTP.Bio.Indiana.Edu

            _P_h_o_n_e: none


            The  IuBio  Archive  maintains  publicly  available  biology
            software and data.  Molecular biology is the area of concen-
            tration.  The archive includes software for Macintosh,  VAX-
            VMS,  Unix, MS-DOS, and any other important computer operat-
            ing systems. Contributions of broad interest in any area  of
            biology,  and related areas of chemistry and other sciences,
            are welcome.  Contributions of interest  over  several  com-
            puter  platforms  should  either be plain text files or .ARC

            _N_e_t_w_o_r_k _A_c_c_e_s_s

            IuBio can be accessed via anonymous FTP file  transfer  over
            the Internet.
            ftp FTP.Bio.Indiana.Edu
            _N_a_m_e: anonymous
            _P_a_s_s_w_o_r_d: yourname

            _W_h_o _C_a_n _U_s_e _t_h_e _R_e_s_o_u_r_c_e

            Anyone may use this  resource,  with  the  restriction  that
            software  or  data  obtained here may not be sold or repack-

            The information in this section is provided  in  accor-
            dance  with the copyright notice appearing at the front
            of this guide.

            September 17, 1991          NNSC       Section 3.13,  Page 1

            _M_i_s_c_e_l_l_a_n_e_o_u_s _I_n_f_o_r_m_a_t_i_o_n

            Don  Gilbert  is   currently   maintaining   this   archive.

            September 17, 1991          NNSC       Section 3.13,  Page 2

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