Adolf.Ceska at Adolf.Ceska at
Mon Sep 2 20:42:00 EST 1991

  COENOS 3.1
  I have just finished a new version of COENOS, a computer
  program for vegetation classification. This version can
  handle 1000 releves (vegetation samples) and 750 species
  and runs on IBM PC and all IBM compatible micro computers.
  The method closely simulates the so-called Braun-Blanquet
  table technique in which the species/releve blocks are
  found from raw data. Each block represents a group of
  similar releves and the corresponding group of species that
  characterize those releves. The blocks are ordered using a
  simple ordination technique and displayed in tabular form.
  The program costs US$85.00.
  Adolf Ceska
  P.O.Box 8546
  Victoria, B.C.
  Canada V8W 3S2
  Phone (604) 477-1211

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