Call for interesting references

Cliff Pickover cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM
Tue Sep 17 09:07:01 EST 1991

Call for interesting references

I am editing a book "The Visual Display of Biological Information" and
am including a large reference list of interesting papers in this field.
I welcome any literature citations you wish to send me for inclusion in
this bibliographic list.  The topics covered in the book are broad and
will have broad appeal, but the emphasis will be on computer graphical
ways of finding patterns in information-containing sequences such as DNA
and protein sequences.

If you would like to send me references for the list, please use the
following format.  Don't abbreviate journal names.  Feel free to send
references to your own work.  I will acknowledge, in the book,
those people who send me over four references, if they ask me to do so.
Please provide a keyword or words with each reference.

Sample Format:

Key Word: Molecular Genetics
Smith, J., Grossman, K. (1990) Paper Title. :hp1.Journal Name:ehp1..
12(5): 112-119.

Key Word: Botany
Smith, J. (1990) :hp1.Book Title:ehp1..  Freeman: New York.

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