New Files and Data on the UH Gene-Server

David Steffen steffen at
Sat Sep 14 12:08:15 EST 1991

Davison at UH.EDU (Dan Davison) writes:
>*New Software:
>All files have been updated against EMBL so the two servers have
>the same versions of software. A complete list is appended to this
>MAC: GBSEARCH.HQX, a HyperCard stak for using the GenBank BLAST server,
>is available from the IUBIO archive and via e-mail from the Gene-Server,

I downloaded the program and the readme file.  According to the readme
file, the program requires Hypercard 1.2 or later.  I have 1.2.2.
When I try to run the program, I get the message "New file format
requires new version of Hpercard"  [more or less; I transcribed this
from memory].  What gives?  I hope this program doesn't require
Hypercard2; I HATE Hypercard2 [big, fat slow].

Thanks for any responses!

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