Upjohn : Good or Bad

Jim Davis davis at csrg2.ee.iastate.edu
Wed Sep 18 07:50:04 EST 1991

epan at jarthur.claremont.edu (Eric C. Pan) writes:

>	My group is involved in doing research for Upjohn regarding the ethinic
>distribution of population in California.  We are having doubts about the work.
>Mainly because of the potential for abuse of this information.  Can anyone give
>us an idea of how Upjohn might use/abuse this data?
>	We have also heard rumors of Upjohn being less than considerate with
>some of its products in side-effects / likelihood of addiction.  Can anyone
>give us info supporting/denying these rumors?


>Please e-mail to epan at jarthur.claremont.edu or
>		 epan at pomona.claremont.edu

YOU work for them, why don't YOU ask them yourself?

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