Vegetation Mapping, I would like some suggestions.

Charles Andrew Burchill burchil at
Thu Sep 19 20:08:44 EST 1991

I am looking for a program, or set of programs for working with a large
(5000 records, 100 fields) database of herbarium records.  I would
like to be able to use this database in conjunction with a mapping
program to produce species distributions.  If any one has any
suggestions please e-mail to <Burchil at> on internet.

This is a reposted request.  Thankyou for all of the people who initially
posted.  Due to a problem with the system I am working on the records
I was sent were destroyed.

I am interested in solutions that will work on one of the following systems:
Macintosh (se/30 or higher), IBM 386 (486), Sun with OS 4.1.1, or IBM
compatable mainframe (3870 I think).  I would prefer a solution that runs
on a Macintosh but I am open to other suggestions.

Charles Burchill
Dept. of Botany 
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 2N2

Internet: Burchil at

Please reply to the above e-mail address not the posting address, or reply
in this group.
Thanks in advance for your help

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