Ethics and Consulting (was Re: Upjohn: Good or Bad)

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Wed Sep 18 18:21:28 EST 1991

In article <davis.685198204 at csrg2> davis at (Jim Davis) writes:
>epan at (Eric C. Pan) writes:
>>Mainly because of the potential for abuse of this information.  Can anyone give
>>us an idea of how Upjohn might use/abuse this data?
>>      We have also heard rumors of Upjohn being less than considerate with
>>some of its products in side-effects / likelihood of addiction.  Can anyone
>>give us info supporting/denying these rumors?
>YOU work for them, why don't YOU ask them yourself?

Well, of course one could ask, but asking might lead to a variant of the
famous paradox: All Cretans are liars; I am a Cretan. All subsequent
locutions are open to doubt.

If a company is acting unethically, who's to say that they'd give a truthful
response? I am by *no means* implying anything about Upjohn, but rather
making a general point. Eric's question is valid, Jim's response might be
useful, but there's nothing wroong with soliciting outside experience.

Jim, you might want to look in the SAS-L discussion archives.  There was
an extensive discussion about the ethics of consulting, including info.
on some particular companies, May or June 1991, I believe. You might
find someone who knows a lot more about the truth (whatever *that* is!).

Good Luck!

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