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Wed Sep 11 13:00:26 EST 1991

I posted a question here yesterday asking for information on whether
EC-data (Enzyme Commission); names and EC-numbers are available
electronically. In case other people out there are interested in
the answers to my question, I report them here:

I got a hint from Graham W. Redgrave to search the LiMB-database
( [which is a database of]
 which I obtained by FTP from and found an
entry called: ENZYME - which apparently contained the information
I wanted.

Using ARCHIE, I found that ENZYME was available, by FTP, from          in the subdir: /pub/db/enzyme
Beware, - the file is some 760K !!!

ENZYME was assembled by Amos Bairoch, Geneva, and contains the entire
EC-catalogue including pointers to SwissProt!

What more can one ask for?! - I'm deeply impressed by the efficiacy
of our electronic tools!! - and the work done by Amos ...!

Rein Aasland

                                                    September 11. 1991
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