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>Subject: Scientific Computing
>I believe the sci.sci-computing group was to be a discussion of
>languages/styles group, not just a program store.
>How many top scientists think that any newsgroup is worth reading?  An
>excellent question, perhaps as significant as anything I have seen on
>the net other than Kahaner's reports on computer research in East Asia.
>I suspect the answer is small.  To refer to our common discipline,
>sci.phys is occasionally infested with UFO crackpots, conspiracy
>theorists convinced that Detroit is suppressing high-mileage cars,
>et extremely tedious cetera.  The comp groups are much better.
>I recently circulated a review article/preprint (which is *not* common in
>my field: complex fluids, especially polymer and biopolymer solutions)
>and included my EMAIL address (which I've only had for a few months).
>I had one response via EMAIL, and suspect that sci.* readership is
>smaller than EMAIL usage.  (I confess that I have little use for EMAIL
>other than occasional notes of this style, and arranging lunch dates with
>my collaborator at Clark U across town.)
>A recent issue of Science or Nature claimed that in some fields large
>parts of the research communications were now done via EMAIL, so that
>mere readers of preprints were cut out of activity, while journal 
>articles were primarily archival.  For the physical sciences, I find this
>a bit hard to believe.  I certainly do not see anyone communicating
>any scientific data via newsnets, other than FLASH astronomy announcements
>(lets me look for aurora).  Actually, in my field (which may be a bit
>odd, for all I know) journals are still the main path of data communications,
>with only a few colleagues circulating preprints.
>I have occasionally considered contributing actively to sci.phys or sci.chem
>(I was previously a Chemistry faculty member, at UM), largely to keep the
>undergraduates pointed in the right direction.  It may not contribute to my
>vita, but it may qualify as teaching.
>You are welcome to post any or all of this; I haven't worked through
>methods for posting directly to the net.
>I am
>  Sincerely yours
>  George Phillies
>  Professor of Physics
>  WPI, Worcester MA 01609
>  phillies\

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