Need EM Pictures to Digitize

Scott Kelley kelley at
Mon Sep 9 09:04:02 EST 1991

   We're working on some Multimedia Courseware to be used in conjunction
with a biochemical techniques class here at UC San Diego. We need to
have digitized images of spinach chloroplasts and thylakoids (or
something that looks similar) in our software. So
far, we haven't been able to find anything with high enough quality to
be suitable for our project.
   My question is, does anybody know where I can get such images? We
need either digitized images (preferrably smaller than 600x400) or
photographs that we can digitize ourselves.
   Caveat: I'm a programmer, not a biologist. If these kinds of pictures
are commonly available somewhere, I don't know where that is.
   Please email any responses to me.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Kelley
sakelley at

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