Upjohn : Good or Bad

Eric C. Pan epan at jarthur.claremont.edu
Thu Sep 19 15:51:51 EST 1991

davis at csrg2.ee.iastate.edu (Jim Davis) in his article asked me why I do not
ask Upjohn myself.  I am doing that, but there is a BIG problem with that approach.

A : B! Are you going to do anything unethical with this?
B : Of course not!
A : Oh gee, OK.

	Would you believe that I am doing totally ethical work just because
Upjohn said so?

BTW, I am NOT working for Upjohn, I am working on a class of which Upjohn is
the sponsor... There is a difference.. To say the least, I am 1) drop the class
2) redefine the project so the information can not be abused.

Thanks for everyone's input... feel free to give more comments....


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