AGRICOLA access (was CC and other bibliographic...)

klier at klier at
Wed Apr 29 13:50:53 EST 1992

klier at writes:

There seems to be some problem with telnetting Agricola with the
instructions I wrote last night.  We _think_  it's something to
do with an "internal alias" [don't ask me, I don't speak computer...]

We believe adding the following characters to the TELNET line will 
get you through.  If you still can't get through, please let me know,
and I'll call ISU.
        Kay Klier
> To reach it, type the words in CAPS below:
>    answer SCHOLAR
>    then terminal type
>    then SCHOLAR again
>    and finally AGRI (or ICAT).  
> Both are searchable by author, title, subject and keyword and have
> online help.
> Type STOP (twice) to end the session.
> Kay Klier   Biology Dept    University of Northern Iowa

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