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Tue Apr 28 23:32:09 EST 1992

nenno at (Mario Nenno [Biologie]) writes:
> Which other bibliographic databases can be searched by Internet ?
> Are there any free bibliographic databases ?

The last 5 years of the US Dept. of Agriculture's AGRICOLA database
is searchable _free_ by telnetting to Iowa State University.  It's on
the same system as their card catalog (ICAT).  AGRICOLA covers a very
wide range of topics -- I pulled down over 1000 orchid citations
recently, mostly on wild species.

To reach it, type the words in CAPS below:
   answer SCHOLAR
   then terminal type
   then SCHOLAR again
   and finally AGRI (or ICAT).  

Both are searchable by author, title, subject and keyword and have
online help.

Type STOP (twice) to end the session.

Kay Klier   Biology Dept    University of Northern Iowa

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