Anyone know about MD programs for PhDs?

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Apr 28 21:14:48 EST 1992

>         I am not looking forward to having to teach, but it's probably
> better than working for a private company and only being able to work on
> what they think will make a profit. Thanks for the luck-wish.
>         -Allen

I once thought like this too (except that I liked to teach).  This was
probably one of the biggest misconceptions I was ever afflicted with
(and there have been several 8-).  It's too bad that many advisors
seem to foster this attitude in their students.  I have

			  ****no regrets****

for having gone into industry and have enjoyed it thoroughly.  You
might want to talk to more people in industry instead of believing
what you are told by your fellow students (who probably don't know)
and professors (who in some cases should know better!).


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