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In article <1992Apr27.154454.20535 at>, roy at (Roy Smith) writes...
>ajt at (Tony Travis) writes:
>> Many (many) people would like to get a newsfeed, but for most of us it is
>> not a practical proposition.  One of the reasons, especially in the UK, is
>> that Internet access is the exception rather than the normal situation.
>	I guess my point got lost.  Being on the Internet is in no way a
>prerequisite to getting news.  The Internet is simply one (very common)
>transport mechanism used to ship news around.  News can (and does) travel
>over regular dial-up lines, X.25 links, and just about anything else that
>can move bits from here to there.

To add to Roy's comment:

Usenet started and is still carried by hundreds if not thousands of sites
using UUCP as the transport mechanism. In this case I am refering to the
file transport method that has one computer use its modem to call another
computers modem. This was sometimes called the UUCP network, but it only
involved on demand phone calls between consenting sites.

A comment on Tony's statement:

The Usenet distribution maps for the UK are black with dots representing
sites that receive Usenet.

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