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Mon Apr 27 10:04:38 EST 1992

marder at writes:
: In article <1992Apr22.192438.978 at>, roy at (Roy Smith) writes:
: [stuff deleted]
: > 	I wonder how many people who get bionet by email already have news
: > on their machines and just don't know about it?  Some of them probably just
: > need a newsreader on their PC or Macintosh to access a campus NNTP server
: > that already exists (and possibly need to have their campus news maintainer
: > prodded to get the bionet groups).  Some of them just need to be made aware
: > of it.
: >
: > 	BTW, if you are one of those people, try typing "news", "rn",
: > "rrn", "vnews", or "readnews" when you get a command prompt.  If it does
: > something other than complaining about an unknown command, chances are
: > you've got news on your system and I would urge you to ask somebody how it
: > works at your site ...

Many (many) people would like to get a newsfeed, but for most of us it
is not a practical proposition.

One of the reasons, especially in the UK, is that Internet access is
the exception rather than the normal situation.

I, and others, am using the e-mail distribution to re-create news groups
locally so that we can use news *readers* on the e-mail lists.

PLEASE don't write off the e-mail distribution of BIOSCI so lightly!!


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