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> 	If crossposting means people who read bionet as email have to
> suffer (and network bandwidth is wasted to support those email readers), so
> be it.  It is always a bad idea to cripple your use of a good technology to
> cater to people who use a poorer technology.  Especially when you consider
> that the better technology is available for free for practically any
> software or hardware platform you can imagine.
It would be a real shame to lose those souls who rely on email
distributions EVEN if this holds up development of bionet.  I can see
how the above attitude could get BIOSCI/Bionet an extremely bad name and
would hold back the SCIENTIFIC development by years.

[more deleted]
> 	I wonder how many people who get bionet by email already have news
> on their machines and just don't know about it?  Some of them probably just
> need a newsreader on their PC or Macintosh to access a campus NNTP server
> that already exists (and possibly need to have their campus news maintainer
> prodded to get the bionet groups).  Some of them just need to be made aware
> of it.
> 	BTW, if you are one of those people, try typing "news", "rn",
> "rrn", "vnews", or "readnews" when you get a command prompt.  If it does
> something other than complaining about an unknown command, chances are
> you've got news on your system and I would urge you to ask somebody how it
> works at your site ...

Dave Kristofferson is already dropping HEAVY hints that email distribution
will eventually have to end (The STICK).  However, we (i.e. anyone who can)
also need to offer LOTS of help (the CARROT).  Certainly we should encourage
messages to  BIONAUT of the type:-
  "I get BIOSCI via email at node XXXXX.  Is there newsreader here?
  Anyone know of USEnet users at this node?"
Right now, I could in seconds pull out an answer to this hypothetical
question using the USENET-ADDRESSES Wais database.
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