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Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Sat Apr 25 07:53:45 EST 1992

Genbank keyword searches thru Internet Gopher has been announced and 
discussed on the newsgroup in recent months.  
The basic patter is

  a. Gopher is a new network client-server form, like telnet or ftp but
     not the same.  It is pretty easy to use.  It provides you with
     a menu of documents and folders with more documents and question
     services to let you search for key words in various data files.

  b. You need client software and a computer with an internet connection.
    There is software for many kinds of client computers, including Mac,
    MSDos, Unix, VMS-Vax, and IBM VM/... This software is available via
    anonymous ftp to, in pub/gopher, or copies are
    at, in util/gopher/.  Non computer people may need
    the help of computer trained people to set it up properly (as for
    most other network client software like telnet or ftp programs).

There are now several active "Bio Gophers" that include access to Genbank,
EMBL, PIR, Prosite, Swissprot, and several other biology databanks.  These
are indexed and allow you to do keyword searches very quickly, and pull
out interesting entries.

With the unix client program, you get to my gopher hole as
and there are pointers at this gopher to other bio gophers in
Houston, Switzerland, Italy and Israel, as well as NSF and NIH information

I recently installed the 7Apr92 version of NCBI-GenBank Flat File Release 0.2.
It contains the complete GenBank Release 71.0, plus a large number of entries 
derived from the NCBI Backbone database (see release notes thru gopher 
for details).

-- Don

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