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Richard T. Timmer timmer at CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Fri Apr 24 22:16:07 EST 1992

I'm sure that the following are a series of naive FAQ's, but
any help would be greatly appreaciated (and I hope that this
is the correct bionet section to post this on).  So with those
introductions aside, I hope that someone can help with the 

     1. Is there a GenBank mail server that can automatically
process searches for sequences by query keyword or phrase?
     2. In addition to FASTA and BLAST, what other types of 
access to GenBank(or other genetic/protein databases) are 
available via the Internet?  Where does one find about these 
other types of access?  In addition to the ability to do 
keyword or phrase searches of the databases (as mentioned 
above), I also was curious whether there was something similar
to NCBI's EntrezSequences available via some type of Internet 
server or via Gopher. 
    3. Has anyone (individual or organization) collected into 
some type ofdatabase a compilation of motifs (DNA, RNA, and 
protein) described in theliterature?  If such a compilation is
available, can it be searched by homology comparison against
a query sequence (e.g. my favorite protein)?
     4.  I suppose this is an extension of #2, or perhaps more
exactly what I was trying to ask initially.  I was curious as 
to the types of genetic/protein databases are accessible via 
Internet (FTP or Gopher) and the nature of the access (or 
database search services) available.

Thanks in advance for any help proffered.  I suppose many of 
these questions areanswered in "Zen and the Art of Internet".

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