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Richard T. Timmer timmer at CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Fri Apr 24 22:15:09 EST 1992

Fellow Bionet readers:

I am considering a postdoctoral position that involves utilization of
Dictyostelium discoideum.  In part, I am interested in this position
because I will gain some experience with using Dictyostelium as a
model system, which may be useful for addressing other types of
questions in the future.  In any case, I have a number of questions about
this organism and the research field involving it.  Any
help, insight, and opinions on the following from Dicty folks or non-Dicty
folks would be greatly appreciated.  I would be grateful for relevent
references to the literature, personal experience, and most other types of

     1.  Is there available a (current) compilation of mutants and the
mutant phenotypes for Dictyostelium?  Is it in print-form via a journal
or in file-form via Internet?

     2.  Who are some of the people in the "Dictyostelium" community ?
Is the Dictyostelium community as well organized or visible as the 
C. elegans, Drosophila, or Arabidopsis community?

     3.  Is Dictyostelium still being actively utilized as a model system
to investigate questions of development, or has it been supplanted by 
C. elegans or even Drosophila?

     4.  It seems that everyone's favorite organism has a genome
sequencing project, is such a project underway for Dictyostelium?

     5.  Are there any codon usage tables compiled for Dictyostelium?

     6.  Do Dictyostelium have both haploid and diploid phase of life

     7.  How well established are gene replacement techniques for this
organism? For example, are such techniques comparable to the gene
replacement techniques available for yeast?  Are there integration plasmids
available for introducing gene constructs into the Dictyostelium genome? 
Are there inducible promoters available for in vivo work in
Dictyostelium?  What types of reporter gene constructs have been 
utilized in Dictyostelium?

Thanks in advance for your responses and help.  Depending upon the level
of response, I will be happy to post a compilation of the input that I
receive.  I was a bit perplexed as to which section of the Bionet to post
this querry, that this was the appropriate section.

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