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Fri Apr 24 14:18:00 EST 1992

In a recent post....

>From: PC386 at VE.TAU.AC.IL "Benny Shomer"
>A couple of months ago, I have posted a message on the BIO-NAUT bbs, asking
>if anyone knows of an Immunology related Listserve discussion group.
>I have received only one answer, which regretfully did not lead me anywhere.

I had a similiar experience; but, I am still very interested this also.

>Since I find it absolutely difficult to believe that no such group exists,
>I submitt my querry to a wider (I hope...) circle.

I could not locate any either.

>If anyway, the case is that I was too optimistic, would you be in favor of
>such a list ? Any calls ?

Is there any interest? Well, in the mean time what we have done here is to
set up a local VAX Notes Conference that deals with Cell & Molecular Biol-
ogy and Immunology (not yet available via the Internet telnet facility).


    The CELL_MOLECULAR  Electronic Conference  Course is
    designed as a companion to Bio 490/590 In Vitro Cell
    Biology & Biotechnology, Bio 407 Immunology, and Bio
    280 Biocommunication  courses.   The intent  of this
    conference  is   to  engage   students  actively  in
    exploring  the  principles  of  cell  and  molecular
    biology  as   well  as   in  the  understanding  and
    communication of  such information.    In  addition,
    several faculty  as well as students, both local and
    remote to our campus, participate in this dialog  of
    scientific exploration.
So Benny, please include me on your list of interested parties!



   Question: What is remedial mitosis?

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"Remedial mitosis is a math course for cells that can't multiply or divide."
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