Anyone know about MD programs for PhDs?

Leslie A. Johnston-Dow ldow at
Fri Apr 24 10:53:36 EST 1992

Danesh Gupta asks:

	 	I am wondering what the motivation is for a PhD to go to
	medical school... if it is to obtain an MD in order to practice
	medicine there is only one route-- go through the normal medical
	school training and then a residency and possibly a fellowship in
	your selected speciality.  If it is to put more letters behind
	your name... why bother-- an MD is not necessary in order to do
	biomedical research, although a RESEARCH fellowship would be
	helpful, if not necessary.

The person in question here is not terribly happy in his chosen profession. Call it
midlife crisis if you like (;->), but there are some people who work for a few years
in a profession and then decide it is not for them!  He is considering a major
change in career and is investigating the options. 


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