generating a mycobacterium bibliographic database

Roy Smith roy at
Fri Apr 24 10:32:59 EST 1992

	I have no idea where the right place to ask this is; if somebody
can think of a better place than bionet.general, please let me know.

	Our librarian has been requested to put together (and maintain) a
database on mycobacterium literature.  Basically, this would be a subset of
Medline which we would generate by searching our Silver Platter CD-ROM
database.  Then, we would import this data into some sort of (as yet
undertermined) database system.  Or at least that's one idea we had.

	Can anybody think of a good way to do this?  It needs to be easy to
maintain (so our non-computer-expert librarian can do it) and use (so our
non-computer-expert library patrons can access it).  It also needs to run
on existing hardware (Macs and/or Unix boxes).

	Does such a thing already exist?  If it does, it might make more
sense for us to simply subscribe to it instead of maintaining our own.
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