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This is a Call For Votes on a newsgroup for discussion of the
science of anthropology.

NAME: sci.anthropology

STATUS: unmoderated (repeat:  *not* moderated)


sci.anthropology is a worldwide forum for the comprehensive
interests of professionals in and students of the science of
anthropology.  This includes the four conventional categories
of archaeologic, biologic, linguistic, and socio-cultural
anthropology, along with the wealth of more specialized sub-
disciplines, and all professional concerns.

The subject matter of anthropology certainly overlaps that
discussed in sci.econ, sci.archaeology,, and a variety
of other newsgroups.  The aim of sci.anthropology is to enrich
these discussions, not compete with them.  The particular role
of sci.anthropology is to synthesize, bringing together
a.  biologic and psychologic domains,
b.  scientific and humanistic modes,
c.  neophyte and experienced participants, and
d.  data from diverse cultures and species,
for example.  Always, the unifying perspective and tone of
sci.anthropology will be that of contemporary academic anthro-

sci.anthropology specifically invites contributions in all
languages, from those with all levels of formal education.

An Appendix, below, offers examples of questions that might
usefully arise in sci.anthropology.


All votes must be e-mailed directly to:  claird at
The voting period will run from Friday, 24 April 1992 through Friday,
18 May 1992.

Votes posted to the net, or forwarded by a third party, will not
be accepted.

Each valid vote will state explicitly, in the subject line or in
the first line of the message, "I vote YES for sci.anthropology,"
or "I vote NO against sci.anthropology."

You may include comments, such as, "but I would prefer ..." or,
"but I would vote differently if ...", *after* a clear state-
ment of your vote.

The vote-taker will explicitly confirm receipt of each vote,
both in return email and in summary reports to news.groups.

APPENDIX:  examples

Anthropology is an inclusive discipline, one in which it is 
legitimate to ask:

A.  methodology:
    1.  Is there a good paper to use when taking
        notes in tropical climates?  Does one hold
        up particularly well there?
    2.  What is a useful combination of microcomputer
        software and hardware to record parish vital
        statistics in the field (in my case, electri-
        city is reliable only a few hours a day)?
    3.  What is the difference between anthropology
        and sociology?  [This quickly becomes tiresome
        after a few years of hearing it discussed, but
        it is one of the questions newcomers to anthro-
        pology need to ask themselves.]
B.  ethnology
    1.  Which cultures regarded lyme grass (seeds)
        as a culinary item?
    2.  Has anyone written an ethnography of the
        Sendero Luminoso?  Does it investigate
        the feminized militarism some observers
        have claimed prevails?
C.  bioanthropology (physical anthropology, ethology, ...)
    1.  What do others think about the latest results
        of investigator N on brain lateralization
        and linguistic behavior?
    2.  Senior scholar K gave a neat talk on our campus last
        night.  She says she has three different kinds of
        evidence structuring the interaction between tool
        use and handedness in primates; specifically, ...
D.  archaeology
    1.  What archeologic evidence is there for long-
        distance sea-trade along the Pre-Columbian
        Pacific Coast of Central America?
    2.  On the radio this morning, I thought I heard
        something about a new find that was supposed
        to bear on the monotheism of Moses.  Anyone
        know more about the story?
E.  linguistics
    1.  My consanguines argued at our last family reunion
        about how to say "route"; is it OK to ask in this
        newsgroup how to find out more on this subject?
        [Possible answer:  it's OK to ask, but sci.lang
        or alt.usage.english might be better suited to
        point the questioner to the *Dictionary of Ameri-
        can Regional English* and other sources.]
    2.  What's the current canonical reference for a
        summary of the "Eskimos have six hundred words
        for snow" confusion?
E.  professional concerns
    1.  My university doesn't "credit" publications
        in overseas journals; how can I improve my
        tenure dossier?
    2.  The department of anthropology at the principal
        college in country C has the reputation of
        fomenting dissent.  Thugs have caused damage G;
        we call on scholars around the world to petition
        our government to take action R.
    3.  Anyone know which conference will next host a
        session on forensic entomology?
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