Anyone know about MD programs for PhDs?

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Fri Apr 24 07:37:35 EST 1992

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>>	   I am wondering what the motivation is for a PhD to go to
>>   medical school... if it is to obtain an MD in order to practice
>>   medicine there is only one route-- go through the normal medical
>>   school training and then a residency and possibly a fellowship in
>>   your selected speciality.  If it is to put more letters behind
>>   your name... why bother-- an MD is not necessary in order to do
>>   biomedical research, although a RESEARCH fellowship would be
>>   helpful, if not necessary.

allright, i'll bite.  maybe i can learn something in the process.

QUESTION:  in a field where there are OBVIOUS tensions between PhD's and 
           MD's when it comes down to biomedical research, doesnt the
           additional 'MD' behind a 'PhD' automatically favorably bias
           a reseracher's grant proposal when submitting for funding?
           (of course, this question makes some assumptions, but i am
           interested in hearing from people who agree AND/OR disagree
           with the basic premise)

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