RFD for New IMAGE PROCESSING newsgroup

Edward J. Huff cmcl2!mcclb0.med.nyu.edu!huff at uunet.UU.NET
Fri Apr 24 04:16:51 EST 1992

I am crossposting this notice to all of the groups I know of where 
image processing discussions take place, in response to a suggestion
from kudu at enel.ucalgary.ca (Gopi Kuduvalli).  I tried to post this
last night to 11 newsgroups at once, but since the post has not
appeared after 12 hours, I assume that it did not go out.  This time
I will try two postings.

Newsgroups: news.groups,alt.graphics.pixutils,comp.ai.vision,

Interested people should be advised that an official RFD for
this newsgroup has not been issued.  The charter and name for
the group are under discussion on a mailing list.  After the
people on the list agree on a charter, the official RFD will be
submitted, and the 30 day discussion will begin.

If you would like to influence the wording of the original RFD,
then subscribe to the mailing list and post your opinions.

This list was set up by stanley at skyking.OCE.ORST.EDU (John Stanley).

Send subscription requests to image-proc-request at oce.orst.edu,
messages to the list to image-proc at oce.orst.edu.

The discussion in this mailing list will be archived for anonymous ftp
on RUBY.oce.orst.edu, in the directory pub/IMAGEPROC.
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