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In article <1992Apr22.170155.8549 at doc.ic.ac.uk>, ajt at doc.ic.ac.uk (Tony
Travis) writes
|> In contrast to this, image analysis means that an image is analysed
|> order to extract features such as the size, shape and location of
|> objects in the field of view.  A first step in analysing an image
|> well involve image processing (eg. to remove noise) but the activity
|> most of us are interested in is image analysis isn't it?
|> 	Tony
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Yes this is a good point. Analysis seems a better name for this group.

While I am posting, I'd like to ask about something that has bothered
Some of the things I am particularly interested in are 3D reconstruction
and display. I recall in earlier discussions of this groups' charter
that animation and shading were specifically excluded. I feel that 
there are many aspects of, e.g., shading that are more relevant
to my imaging application (medical imaging) than to, say 
comp.graphics.That is, shouldn't shading and animation should be 
_included_ in the charter? 
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