Bionet FAQ sheet (was Re: Bionet hierarchy)

Wed Apr 22 18:20:12 EST 1992

Roy Smith writes:

/	If crossposting means people who read bionet as email have to
/suffer (and network bandwidth is wasted to support those email readers), so
/be it.  It is always a bad idea to cripple your use of a good technology to
/cater to people who use a poorer technology.  Especially when you consider
/that the better technology is available for free for practically any
/software or hardware platform you can imagine.

To paraphrase: "Let them eat cake!"

/	I didn't mean to get so long winded about it, but my point is that
/there basically isn't any excuse for not running news.  

Roy, I take it from this that you will volunteer your own time or 
provide the resources so that centres without news can hire someone to 
scrounge a feed, set up the software, train the users, fix things when they 
break, etc, etc? You should well know that the major cost of computing 
isn't purchasing the hardware or software (even when it isn't free), but 
having the people around to take care of it and to train the users.

Steve Clark

clark at  (Internet)
clark at salk               (Bitnet)

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