Bionet FAQ sheet (was Re: Bionet hierarchy)

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Wed Apr 22 16:22:02 EST 1992

> Short Response: It's easier to delete 25 messages than read one that doesn't 
> arrive.

This response is a bit too short.  Please don't forget that I'm the
guy that has to answer people's annoyed mail about why they are
getting all of these postings.  I do not want to annoy people in this
manner, nor do I wish to spend my valuable time explaining why this is
happening to them.

> Longer Response: That's why there should be a separate FAQ sheet for every 
> newsgroup. My feelings are that it should look something like this (eg, for 

I agree with this.  A separate FAQ sheet for each newsgroup is a
justifiable posting, but not the same message crossposted 26 times.
The million $ question is "Who is going to do the work???"  For
example, putting together a FAQ sheet for the METHODS newsgroup would
be a fairly significant task.  As you are well aware, there are
commercial companies that basically sell up-to-the-minute reports on
experimental methods because of the size and importance of the task.
It would be phenomenal if we could get people to *volunteer* to do
this on a regular basis with no compensation.  For the less heavily
used newsgroups this is probably feasible, so, "Any volunteers???"  I
note with pleasure that Tom Schneider has already filled this capacity
for BIO-INFO/  If I didn't have to contend with
both GenBank and BIOSCI I would be doing some of these myself.  In
this respect several of the things that people are complaining about
on BIOSCI will be fixed in just a few more months if they can just sit
it out a little bit longer.  This doesn't seem to be too much to ask.

There are other alternatives though.  In my mind one of the advantages
of WAIS is that it makes the effort to put together FAQ sheets rather
*superfluous*.  The monumental efforts such as that described above
for METHODS could be simply avoided if people would take the time to
get and install the appropriate software/network connections.


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