Bionet FAQ sheet (was Re: Bionet hierarchy)

Wed Apr 22 15:08:05 EST 1992

The message I just posted came back truncated to about a quarter of its
original size. I don't know if this happened on the way out or on the way
back in. If somebody would send me the complete message (it should end with
my signature) I would know that it got out okay and I would be saved the
trouble of retyping the whole thing.

Steve Clark

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Dave Kristofferson writes:

/> 4) Even if only one FAQ sheet is ever written, post it to all the groups.
/> Otherwise, how will people who are interested in, eg, Methods and Reagents
/> know where to look for the FAQ sheet?
/This means that people who subscribe to all of the newsgroups by
/e-mail will get ***26*** copies of the FAQ sheet.  I think that the
/Frequently Asked Questions sheet would quickly become the ATFS sheet
/(read "All-To-Frequently-Seen").

Short Response: It's easier to delete 25 messages than read one that doesn't 

Longer Response: That's why there should be a separate FAQ sheet for every 
newsgroup. My feelings are that it should look something like this (eg, for 

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