Mailfasta 2.1

Thon de Boer deboer at
Wed Apr 22 11:48:02 EST 1992

I have posted my mailfasta 2.1 program to
which is an update of 2.0 which was posted two days earlier, which had
some bugs.
It can also be retrieved via anonymous ftp from and can
be found in the incoming directory.

***** MAILFASTA 2.1

Mailfasta is a shell script which can read a sequence file (either DNA or AA)
and make a specially formatted mailmessage which will be send to the
FASTA or BLAST mailserver of Genbank or EMBL, where the sequence will be
scanned against the databases there. The results will be returned to the
user via email.
It uses the program readseq to convert the different formats into the
FASTA format. Readseq is not a part of this package, but can be obtained
via anonymous ftp from

getentry can retrieve a database entrie via email.

The shell archive also contains a small c program (cid.c) 
which determines if the sequence is DNA or AA.
The shar file will compile this program using the c compiler cc, into cid.

Documentation can be found in the file mailfasta.doc

Some changes since the last version 1.3
- Incorporated FASTA and BLAST searches in one program.
- Use of readseq to convert the different sequence formats,
  including multiple sequence files.
- Several bug fixes.
  Choosing one section which was not allowed, before an allowed section
   resulted in an faulty selection. Now corrected.
- Some improvements to the user interface.

Thon de Boer
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