RFD for New IMAGE PROCESSING newsgroup

Tony Travis ajt at doc.ic.ac.uk
Wed Apr 22 12:01:55 EST 1992

huff at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu (Edward J. Huff) writes:
: Considering the previous posts, I suggest that the newsgroup
: should be named sci.image.processing.  Yes, go ahead and
: create a new node, sci.image, which might in the future
: host such groups as sci.image.microscopy, sci.image.detectors, etc.
: Using the full name, image.processing has a number of advantages.
: "processing" contains 10 characters, which might be a problem, but
: looking at random at a newsgroups list, I see comp.graphics.visualization,
: which has 13 letters.
: By originally creating sci.image.processing, we avoid the problem which
: happened in comp.sys.mac, which still exists at NYU even though it is
: officially gone over a year.  (When comp.sys.mac was split, the catchall
: group was supposed to be comp.sys.mac.misc).

I've missed the previous posts (they expired while I was away on leave)
but I think it is worth mentioning that image 'processing' has a
specific meaning in that one image is processed in order to produce
another image.

In contrast to this, image analysis means that an image is analysed in
order to extract features such as the size, shape and location of
objects in the field of view.  A first step in analysing an image may
well involve image processing (eg. to remove noise) but the activity
most of us are interested in is image analysis isn't it?


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