Bionet FAQ sheet (was Re: Bionet hierarchy)

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Apr 22 11:46:32 EST 1992

> 4) Even if only one FAQ sheet is ever written, post it to all the groups.
> Otherwise, how will people who are interested in, eg, Methods and Reagents
> know where to look for the FAQ sheet?

This means that people who subscribe to all of the newsgroups by
e-mail will get ***26*** copies of the FAQ sheet.  I think that the
Frequently Asked Questions sheet would quickly become the ATFS sheet
(read "All-To-Frequently-Seen").

People who get the newsgroup by USENET should have easy access to all
of the bionet newsgroups so there should be no problem for them to
look at bionet.announce.  For people who ask for e-mail subscriptions,
we send them the current info (not FAQ since it's not done yet) sheet
each time they make a request from our biosci addresses.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

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