National Science Foundation Gopher

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Tue Apr 21 22:58:54 EST 1992

There is a new gopher server at NSF; it looks like a handy way to dig 
up science grant info:

		 National Science Foundation Gopher

	1.    About this Gopher.
	2.   About STIS/
	3.   Index to NSF Award Abstracts <?>
	4.   Index to NSF Publications <?>
	5.   NSF - General Publications/
	6.  BFA/
	7.  BIO  - Dir. for Biological Sciences/
	8.  CISE - Dir. for Computer and Information Science and Engineering/
	9.  EHR  - Dir. for Education and Human Resources/
	10. ENG  - Dir. for Engineering/
	11. GEO  - Dir. for Geosciences/
	12. MPS  - Dir. for Math and Phsical Sciences/
	13. OD/
	14. OIG  - Office of the Inspector General/
	15. SBE  - Dir. for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences/

This is the gopher access information:
  Name=National Science Foundation Gopher

Something about this gopher:
  This gopher accesses the publications of the National Science
  Foundation.  This gopher, and a collection of other electronic access
  methods comprise NSF's STIS (Science and Technology Information
  System) system.

  More Access Methods

  We think gopher is the most convenient way to access NSF publications.
  However, there are other methods.  Retrieve document "NSF 91-10", the
  STIS "flyer" for details.  It's filed under NSF/General Publications,
  or you can search for it as explained above.

  Problems, Comments, Suggestions

  Please write to "stis at".  This gopher is fairly new, and we
  would like to hear your comments on it.

Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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