sci.*.used-equipment or sci.marketplace

Allen Smith allens at
Tue Apr 21 18:42:39 EST 1992

        Hello. Recently, there's been a bit of discussion on the idea of
creating sci.[bio/chem/physics].used-equipment (or, alternately,
sci.marketplace (thanks to David C. Lawrence for this suggestion)).
I am interested in having at least a straw poll to judge interest and
name-preference; if it is favorable, I am interested in having a vote.
        However, I don't know enough about computers (I'm a bio major) to
run such a vote. So I am asking on these groups (which should include
news.groups,, bionet.general, sci.chem, and sci.physics; please
cross-post this article to these groups if it is not present on them) is
for someone able and willing to run a straw poll/vote.

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