Bionet FAQ sheet (was Re: Bionet hierarchy)

Tue Apr 21 20:18:03 EST 1992

/> Please send me your favourite frequently asked (pertinent)
/> question, and its answer, by either e-mail or bionet.general.
/> E-mail would probably be better.

/I include below what I had finished as of several months ago.  There
/were only a few topics left, but the FAQ must also be revised in light
/of the changeover from IRLEARN to Daresbury.  When completed, please
/send it back to me for review and I will install it for automatic
/posting each month.


	Are you planning to write a separate FAQ sheet for each of the
newsgroups, or just one that covers everything for bioforum? I think the
former would be more useful (perhaps not a lot more work because large
parts would be identical, ie, the general stuff about accessing the
newsgroups and what newsgroups are available), but if not, how about
posting it to *all* the groups and not just bioforum? 

	I have a couple of comments on Dave's partially completed FAQ sheet:

1) A Table of Contents would be really nice (has to be done last, of course).
2) A description of what other biosci groups are around is a great idea,
but maybe put it nearer the start.
3) The information on newsgroup administration (how to subscribe, post,
deal with interuptions, etc) doesn't need to be distributed to all newsgroups,
but FAQ sheets for the rest of them should point to the bioforum FAQ sheet
so people will know where to get the information if they need it. As an
alternative (or supplement), maybe Dave could make this information available
to people who send a message to biosci-request at ...?
4) Even if only one FAQ sheet is ever written, post it to all the groups. 
Otherwise, how will people who are interested in, eg, Methods and Reagents 
know where to look for the FAQ sheet?

Steve Clark

clark at  (Internet)
clark at salk               (Bitnet)

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