Casuistry/moral reasoning

James Tallmon jimtee at
Mon Apr 20 15:44:49 EST 1992

I need some help finding case analyses or transcripts of real
cases in clinical ethics.  These will form the starting point
for my dissertation, the working title of which is Casuistry
and the Quest for Rhetorical Reason: Conceptualizing a Method
of Moral Inquiry.  Have you seen video taped discussions of    
actual cases in which the end is judgment leading to action
(as opposed to contemplation of ethical principles)?  
I have found a number of the latter sort, the former are rare
indeed.  The discourse I wish to study must be practical in 
nature, and not speculative/theoretical.  Transcripts will work if 
no video tape is available.

Please email me at:  jimtee at  Thanks.

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