Bionet hierarchy

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Mon Apr 20 16:45:48 EST 1992

> Here is a suggestion which does not take very much effort and does not
> reorganize the newsgroups.  I noticed that there are apparently NO
> periodic information postings in bionet newsgroups, at least, none

Not so, see below.

> listed on the list maintained at pitmanager and regularly posted to
> news.answers, etc.  There should be a periodic posting to

True for the qualified statement.

> say bionet.general which contains (at least) the charters of all
> of the bionet newsgroups.  It ought to also mention the existence of
> news.answers, news.announce.newusers, etc.
> Maybe someone out there would volunteer to do this?  Not necessarily 
> Dave Kristofferson.  There is a mailing list for maintainers of
> such postings, see news.answers for more information.

My recollection is that news.answers is relatively new and we haven't
posted anything to that forum yet.  Except for that, your request is
substantially what goes on on the first of each month on
bionet.announce except that our information sheet does not have
pointers to the various news.* groups.  This can always be added if
truly important, but this is the first request for such an addition
that I have encountered to date.  The only reason that nothing has
been sent to news.answers is simply time limitations so far.  I still
need to get a FAQ sheet done for bionet at large which is more
important than posting to news.answers in my opinion.


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				GenBank Manager

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