RFD for New IMAGE PROCESSING newsgroup

Edward J. Huff huff at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
Mon Apr 20 14:51:38 EST 1992

Considering the previous posts, I suggest that the newsgroup
should be named sci.image.processing.  Yes, go ahead and
create a new node, sci.image, which might in the future
host such groups as sci.image.microscopy, sci.image.detectors, etc.
Using the full name, image.processing has a number of advantages.
"processing" contains 10 characters, which might be a problem, but
looking at random at a newsgroups list, I see comp.graphics.visualization,
which has 13 letters.

By originally creating sci.image.processing, we avoid the problem which
happened in comp.sys.mac, which still exists at NYU even though it is
officially gone over a year.  (When comp.sys.mac was split, the catchall
group was supposed to be comp.sys.mac.misc).

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