CALL FOR DISCUSSION: bionet.biology.used-equipment

Sat Apr 18 12:38:00 EST 1992

>> It strikes me that since most grant purchased equipment is owned by the
>> parent organization, University; Research center; etc.,and not by the
>> individual investigator, that the number of items will be rather small and
>> could therefore be accomodated on existing news groups rather than starting
>> a new one devoted only for this purpose.

>I'm posting this private response to the newsgroup with the author's
>permission for reader comment.  Please be prompt as the discussion
>period for bionet.biology.used-equipment ends Monday and the voting
>will begin.

>Dave Kristofferson

I'm not sure I agree with the above statement. Here in the British
non-university public-sector research establishments (i.e. Research
Institutes) I'm sure it is true that the vast majority of equipment is
owned by the Institute itself, but on the other hand (heresy coming up:-))
most of the admin type people are human too, and sensitive to budgetary
constraints and the desirability of turning old and unwanted equipment into
cash to buy new shiny equipment with. Personally, I've already arranged
with the powers-that-be at this institute to offer some unwanted equipment
for sale. It also strikes me that such a forum might be an excellent place
for some of the world's less developed countries to obtain research
equipment, assuming they have access to the network. 


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