HELP: A Project For The Electrical Engineer???

Carl R. Nassar nassar at INSL.McGill.CA
Thu Apr 16 17:46:03 EST 1992

I'm back to school, and this time for the long haul: a Ph. D.

I have no clue as to what I'm going to research and develop, but I'd like it 
to be a project which helps create a better world.

Maybe developing something to help the handicapped, perhaps creating something
which helps in medical research.

I'm an electrical engineer, working in the area of communication systems.

What suggestions do you have? What magazines should I read to find out about the
research currently ongoing in my feild (in the above areas)?

If you have ANY ideas, please e-mail them to me, because I really do NOT know
where to start.  

Thank you all in advance,


(send to nassar at INSL.McGill.CA) 

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