Image processing newsgroup under discussion

Tony Travis ajt at
Thu Apr 16 04:05:18 EST 1992

> There is presently a discussion going on in news.groups regarding the
> creation of a USENET newsgroup devoted to image processing.  It was
> originally proposed as, but a good case is
> being made for sci.imaging, which would be a group for scientists to
> discuss their image processing problems.  From the volume of discussion,
> it looks likely to me that some such group will be created.

Why not consider posting this sort of article to the USENET bionet
hierarchy ?

I have just been active in promoting the creation of bionet.plants
where, amongst other things, we are dicussing the application of image
analysis to plant anatomy.

We had a long discussion about the relative merits of the sci.* versus
bionet.* groups and, without criticising sci.biology, we felt that the
participants of the bionet.* groups were more likely to be interested
in the academic aspects of the subject than sci.* readers with a more
general interest in the area.

> Please participate, by posting a short note such as "I would read
> sci.imaging" to news.groups, with subject line "Re: RFD for new IMAGE
> PROCESSING newsgroup".
> Some other proposed names were comp.imag-pro, comp.dsp.imaging, etc.

Please also take a look at the bionet.* groups if you take them at your site
and join in on the proposal to create bionet.microscopy which was tentatively
suggested by Mike Folsom a short while ago.  If you don't read news, you can
subscribe to BIOFORUM which is the e-mail counterpart to bionet.general.

The bionet.microscopy thread was started in response to Mike's comments
about the infrequent traffic on the CONFOCAL list :-)

> Also, a mailing list for interested people has been set up, send subscribe
> requests to image-proc-request at  The list will
> probably be discontinued once the newsgroup is created.

There is also the MEDIMAGE list for people interested in medical
imaging and (or the VISION list) for people interested
in image analysis/pattern recognition and the 'Pixel" digest (from
Adrian Clark at Essex in the UK).

Do we *really* need another image 'processing' group ?

IMHO we need a forum for biologists to discuss confocal and wide-field
microscopy such as bionet.microscopy, not another comp.* group.


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