Underwater speakers

Derek Abbott dabbott at augean.eleceng.adelaide.edu.AU
Thu Apr 16 02:47:18 EST 1992

In article <james.703129955 at ee.uts.EDU.AU> james at ee.uts.edu.au (A. James Boswell) writes:
>It's a case of "the net to the rescue" again. Can anyone help me with
>info about underwater speakers. I believe they are used for such things
>as synchronised swimming events etc. What I am after is a manufacturer
>or supplier (preferably in Australia) and a rough price.
What you want is called an underwater sound projector.

Suppliers are:

Honeywell, any state of Aust.

Ken Tuffe, South Australia

Gearing & Watson, UK

Chesapeake, USA

You can get piezo based projectors, or if you want more power there are
mechanical piston based ones.


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