info on Reduviidae (assassin bugs)

Peter Silsbee psilsbee at
Wed Apr 15 21:41:55 EST 1992

I am looking for ANY information on the insect family Reduviidae,
also known as assassin bugs. Mostly I am interested in those species
which are known or suspected to bite humans, and especially those
whose bite can cause allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). I would like 
to have the 
following questions answered about these species:

  1) What is their geographic distribution? (in particular, are there
	any present in the Sierra Nevada? at what altitudes?)

  2) What is their lifecycle? When does their population peak?

  3) Do the various species which cause severe reactions in humans
	all have similar or identical toxins, or do these vary widely?

  4) Any information on the treatment of Reduviidae-bite sensitivity
	would also be appreciated.

Obviously, this is not an abstract interest... Apologies if these are
not appropriate groups for this query, I didn't see any bionet.entymology.
I will try to read these groups regularly but would prefer replies by

Thanks in advance,

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